Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm slow

Way behind on posts, but I'll do my best to catch up soon!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Almost a terra cotta tragedy

The Friday of our vacation Cody and I were rushing to get out the door because we were excited to see the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit at the Bowers and didn't want to be late. I grabbed the tickets from my nightstand as I was brushing my teeth and did a double take. CRAP! They were for THURSDAY!

My desk calendar, Google calendar, Blackberry, and blog all had notes that our museum tickets were for 10:00am on Thursday, yet for whatever reason we had it in our heads that they were for FRIDAY.

A million different thoughts and were racing through my head – we were looking forward to this for weeks, do we go and see if they’ll let us in with our old tickets, do we bite the bullet and spend $50 on new tickets, LittleK took the time and effort to get these for us, how could we be so stupid, I had it written down EVERYWHERE that it was for THURSDAY not FRIDAY, we were lazy bums and did absolutely nothing the day before, how did we not know it was THURSDAY, so on and so forth.

The clock was ticking and now there was a chance we'd be late to the 10:00am entrance. If we couldn't make the right day, the least we could do is make the right time. We were hoping we could speak with someone at the museum, explain our situation, and they'd take pity on our sheer patheticness and let us in with our expired tickets.

My heart dropped when we arrived because the museum was crowded, the exhibit was packed, and I was sure they wouldn't let us in, but the woman at the front desk was kind enough to change the date on our tickets and let us join the crowd that was already inside. I seriously wanted to jump over the partition and hug her, but I think that would've been a tad inappropriate and she may have retracted her offer.

There was a no photo policy inside the exhibit, so the following photos are from the Bowers website.

The handheld listening devices that narrated each display really brought the exhibit to life. Each section was told in a story-like fashion which provided more a feeling of "a day in the life of" rather than "welcome to history class". We listened to all the tracks, read all the descriptions, and sat back to admire the intricacy of each item. All in all, we were inside the Terra Cotta exhibit for about 2 hours.

It was laid out a bit like an Ikea store with a maze took us through the 22 different stations. We got additional narration by listening to the other crazy museum goers spout out their knowledge of each piece. Some of the patrons were serious fanatics. Also, one of the docents inside had a nametag that read "Beverly Bowers". We couldn't help but wonder if she was related to THE Bowers of the Bowers Museum.

The detail of each piece was remarkable. Individual strands of hair were carved, as well as shoelaces on each shoe. Each soldier had different armor, hairstyles, weapons, and faces. My favorite display was of the chariot driver. His armor covered the tops of his hands so he wouldn't lose control of the reigns if he was hit. He also had a higher protective collar than the other soldiers. Essentially, each warrior was created to be battle ready.

I'd look at Cody, then at a bow and arrow or spear, then back at Cody in disbelief that he could totally use those gigantic weapons that were the same high quality weapons the military of that period had. There was something astounding about seeing these life-sized pieces and realizing they were really LIFE-SIZED. Seeing the items up close had a much more profound effect than looking at them in a textbook.

We’re so glad our catastrophe ended on a happy note. Thank you, thank you, thank you LittleK for getting us these tickets!

Friday rain

Thankfully the rain didn't wreak too much havoc on California traffic.
Friday morning was stressful enough without any help from Mother Nature.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Vacation Thursday was a day of sleeping in and tons of naps. We were totally lazy and stayed in our pjs the whole time. Cody and I totally loved that day and definitely needed the relaxation. Little did we know we let something big fall through the cracks.

Food, food, and more food

Wednesday of our vacation HotNurse stopped by to check out our new place (yay for our first non-family visitor!) and say her goodbyes before she drove across the country back home to Minnesota.

It was so strange showing her around and totally taking in the fact that we’re home owners. Wasn't it just a few years ago that we were freaking out over college applications and how we'd actually pay for school if we managed to get in?

After a final round of hugs it was off to Islands for a mini lunch.

Cody and I split a Sandpiper (grilled chicken breast,
sautéed mushrooms, swiss, lettuce, and tomato)

And a basket of their Island Fries

After some aimless driving and goofing around we decided to pop into an unfamiliar frozen yogurt place in hopes that it was as good as the one my brother took us to down in San Diego.

We split an original, honeydew, and strawberry frozen yogurt with mango, kiwi, and strawberries on top. It was fantastic.

Later that night we finally got around to using
a giftcard we received for Riptide.

It was the biggest sushi bar we’d ever seen with a huge assortment of unbelievably amazing food. $50 is pretty easy to spend on sushi so we thought burning our giftcard wouldn’t be that difficult, but we didn’t know their rolls would be so huge.

We shared a Fitness Roll (seared salmon, artichoke hearts, Japanese sprouts, and avocado wrapped in baby leaf spinach and steamed rice topped with tobiko and sweet wasabi sauce)

And a Galaxy Roll (salmon tempura, avocado, crab, and cream cheese topped with salmon, special sauces, tempura crunch, and green onion)

Miguel, our sushi chef, had to put the rest of our order on hold while we finished what we had in front of us.

Yellowtail sashimi

Spicy tuna hand rolls and Philadelphia hand rolls

And because its tart flavor is so completely addicting,
we drove back for more fro-yo.